CABEM’s Competency Manager Does the Work for You

Providing a framework to guide the process of developing, managing, and demonstrating your employee’s competencies, while fostering individual growth.

Competency Management

Competency Management

Identify the skills, qualifications, and attributes employees need to effectively perform. Competency is determined through various completion methods such as: user and manager sign-offs, witnessing, online training, document upload, and attendance.
Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

Quickly identify the skills, qualifications, and attributes required for employees to meet new roles, or roles that the employee aspires to reach. Encourage growth and foster continuous improvement of skills.
Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS)

Create training modules, upload videos, presentations, and documents, and create tests with the built in LMS. Users are rewarded with certificates after successfully completing a training module.
Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

Our risk analysis tool allows you to identify the risk associated with each employee competency and determine what requires immediate attention. This feature helps address risk requirements within regulated industries.
Competency Manager Screens
On Boarding

On Boarding Features

Add new team members through an API or by uploading a .csv and quickly assign them to their various roles, teams, and organizations.
Records and Documentation

Maintain Records and Documentation

Easily locate records from last week, last month, or last year without having to dig through a filing cabinet or complex spreadsheet.

Automatic Alerts and Notifications for Users

Alert users to newly assigned competencies and approaching due dates to avoid missing key deadlines.

Your Team is Your Key to Success

Using the groups feature, administrators have freedom to customize and map out their existing organizational structure within the Competency Manager. This makes assigning users to competencies and keeping track of your groups progress extremely simple.
Competency Manager Groups

CM Benefits: Stop Worrying, Start Improving.

Standardize Nomenclature

Standardize Requirements & Nomenclature Company wide

Avoid miscommunication and create continuity between offices and departments by locking down terms that will be seen by everyone within your organization.
Streamline Audits

Streamline the Auditing Process

Easily keep track of and view documents, training materials, risks and gaps and current employee certifications in one place.
Improve Organization

Improve Employee & Organizational Efficiency

Determine which employees are qualified for specific roles and what aspects of the organization need extra attention.